TECPAC: The Program Administrator Credential

TECPAC is the state credential for child care program directors. This credential demonstrates to parents, staff, and stakeholders your dedication to providing the highest quality child care services.

The TECTA Advantage

The Administrator Credential, or TECPAC, is a state credential program for child care Directors and Administrators. Any program administrator with a high school diploma or equivalent can apply. Participation in the academy is free, so candidates can enjoy the benefits of sharpening their leadership and management skills at no cost.

The Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential (TECPAC) is the recognition awarded to early childhood administrators who have demonstrated the specific competencies for effective leadership and management through academics, job experience, and a portfolio assessment. Requirements for the Administrator Credential Selection as a Credential candidate is based on an individual’s education and experience in licensed early childhood agencies. There are four levels of the Credential: Provisional, Standard, Master, and Advanced.

Qualifications for each level are:

Earning the Credential
Administrator Academy
Training begins with enrollment in the Administrator Academy. The Academy includes ten modules focused on topics that cover leadership, goal setting, financial and risk management, staffing issues, and more.

Pre- and Post-Assessments
Each candidate receives a pre- and post-assessment on the Program Administration Scale (PAS) for center-based programs or the Business Administration Scale (BAS) for family child care program. The purpose of the assessments is to measure growth over the course of the credentialing process.

Credentials are awarded based on how well a candidate demonstrates their competency for effective leadership as measured by the professional portfolio. The portfolio is comprised of documentation submitted in preparation of the assessments, statements written by the candidate outlined by the NAEYC Standards for Professional Preparation, and reflective narratives of the candidate’s leadership and professional contributions.

Throughout the process, the TECPAC Program Manager leads the Administrator Academy modules and is available to provide advisement and technical support, portfolio development assistance, and assistance with PAS and BAS goal setting.

A Pathway to Accreditation
Early Childhood program administrators who have earned the Administrator Credential, have multiple years of experience in a licensed early childhood agency, and at minimum an associate degree will be able to meet the educational requirements for an alternate pathway required for NAEYC accreditation.

TECPAC recipients who completed at the Provisional and Standard levels must renew every three years. Those who complete at the Advanced and Master levels must renew every five years. If you are interested in renewing your credential, contact the TECTA Leadership Development Team at tectaleadership@tnstate.edu.

For more information or to enroll in the upcoming Administrator Academy, contact the TECTA Leadership Development Team at tectaleadership@tnstate.edu.